Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Joy A Habit is All About Perspective

Did you ever sit down and start writing and the words were just flowing and flowing and suddenly......nothing. This occurred yesterday and as I came back to it today I realized I never saved it and it is gone. It was truly a powerful message and I could be upset that this masterpiece of words has self-destructed from my computer or I can shift my perspective knowing that the message was for me and that it needed to be re-written for you through new eyes.

Making Joy A Habit truly comes through your perspective of events and situations that you find yourself in on a continuous basis. When you finish your shopping at the Grocery store do you glance at the receipt and see a decline in your checkbook or do you see an abundance as you put the groceries away? When you wake up and look in the mirror and see gray hair that you just know was not there the day before; do you smile at the new character feature? Or do you cringe and run to the drugstore for a box of color to hide your age? What is your perspective and how does it affect your level of Joy?

Working many years in corporate america has given me the opportunity to view many a persons perspective.  Recently I had the joyous opportunity to listen to an individual complaining about the health insurance they receive through their employment. My first thought was "you are unhappy someone is giving you health insurance?". As I listened to this tale of woe I discovered that they were unhappy that they paid over $500 for some lab work. So of course I started asking questions and in doing so found that this individual never called the insurance company up front to make sure the lab they were using was 'in-network'. I also discovered that the 'in-network' cost would have been $25 and that the company pays 80% of the premiums for this insurance. What a Joy it must be to work for a company that feels you are so valuable that they will foot 80% of the cost of your health insurance and your only responsibility is to use 'in-network' providers. Perspective.....

I challenge you to write down one thing each day that upsets you and then shift the perspective to find the Joy in the event.


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  2. I love this suggestion! And the perspective. I tend to be an optimist so I'm usually coming from the joy perspective. But when my optimism slips, I'll remember to shift my perspective to find the Joy :-)

  3. Sometimes I find myself lamenting that I don't have enough time in this life, time to just slow down, just be with my loves, and to create.

    I realize, though, that I have all the time I have and need and want. I have the time – I simply need to decide what to do with my time, my life really.